Running a small business can often feel like you’re juggling a million and one tasks. From operations to marketing, human resources to accounting, many of those jobs happen online.

So it makes sense to take advantage of the things that can make your life as a small business owner simpler.

Here are seven of our favourite Google Chrome extensions, designed to do just that:

Gmail Offline

There’s nothing worse than having your internet connection drop out while you’re mid-email. Gmail Offline allows you to read, respond, search and archive your emails without network access, and keep the grey hairs at bay.

Why you’ll love it:
Your drafts stay safe and you won’t lose momentum if you’re suddenly offline or in a no wifi zone.


Grammarly is like a turbo-charged spelling and advanced grammar checker. Its contextualised checker even alerts you when you’ve spelt a word correctly, but are using it in the wrong context (e.g. affect/effect or lie/lay).

Why you’ll love it:
You’ll write with more confidence, thanks to fewer errors and improved clarity.


DocHub is like the swiss-army knife of pdf editing. It’s a Chrome extension which allows you to import your digital signature via your smartphone, sign and send pdfs, and send signature requests to others. It’s also Google integrated, which means you can open files directly from Gmail and Google Drive with a click of a button.

Why you’ll love it:
Ditch the scanner and printer and save time by signing those important documents faster.


Taco is a great way of staying on top of your to do list. The extension combines your tasks from over 40 services (including Gmail, Salesforce and Evernote) in a single list that highlights what you need to do next in a distraction-free interface. You can also drag and drop your tasks into the order that makes the most sense for your day.

Why you’ll love it:
You’ll stay on track and on schedule, and forgetting tasks will become a thing of the past.


Pushbullet allows you to easily share links and files and mirror actions between your devices, as well as send and receive SMS messages from your computer. In short, it synchronises notifications and updates across your phone/tablet/laptop. The Chrome extension also offers a security feature, allowing you to protect your notifications and SMS with end-to-end encryption.

Why you’ll love it:
You won’t have to repeat the same action on multiple devices and will be able to easily share links and files between your devices, or with friends.


Rapportive is a nifty Chrome extension that instantly gives you a profile snapshot of your email contacts. By connecting your Gmail with LinkedIn, the sidebar for each email is automatically populated with details like their photo, position title and social media links. You can also add personal notes on each profile and store your thoughts for later.

Why you’ll love it:
You’ll have instant context for all your contacts.

Stay Focusd

Stay Focusd is the Chrome extension that allows you to block out entire sites, specific subdomains or individual pages. You can set a timer or schedule a timer for specific times of the day. Basically, you’ll get more things done, and get less distracted by hypnotising cat videos.

Why you’ll love it:
You’ll be able to set time-blocks to complete your work, distraction free.

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